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Zermatt 2014

I’m recently home from my first on snow camp of the 2014-2015 season that took place in Zermatt, Switzerland. Unfortunately we had quite a few days with poor conditions that kept us from getting onto the ski hills but weather and uncontrollable variables aside, the training was great. I came into this camp feeling fit, strong, healthy and focused and came out of it in the exact same state! I’ve had some history with Zermatt, lots of it great but some of it… not so much, and the past two seasons have been a particular challenge for me physically, so prior to arriving in Zermatt I was preparing for specifically adverse situations. I was pleasantly surprised with my preparation for this time around I rarely felt fatigued (because of the summer’s dry land training I’m assuming, and perhaps my 1-2 hour+ daily naps haha), my equipment (new boots, skis etc.) seemed easier to break in, and the mental and physical demands of glacier training at 13,500ft elevation didn’t seem as… demanding? Yes, ‘demanding’ seems like the right word! Anyway, the camp was a success and I am very much looking forward to getting back to the on-snow part of our training again in New Zealand. As much as I love the dry land and business components of this sport (I’m using zero sarcasm here I actually do love it), it’s the skiing part where the true, deep, kid-in-a-candy-store love comes from!


If I had a checklist of what needs to be done this season I can mark off Zermatt. All the work that was done there is ‘in the bag’ so to say and I am presently closing up a small dry land period in Calgary before boarding on Thursday for New Zealand. See you all Down Under… no, wait, that’s not right. That’s Australia; I’m not going to Australia. I’m going to the land of the Kiwi’s. It’s south though, so I guess technically I can still say Down Under!

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