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One week into our summer training in Calgary and the Women’s Alpine Ski Team has completed all fitness tests and physical and medical assessments. If we didn’t have a clue what was going on with our bodies beforehand, we basically have a GPS now. I was impressed with how thoroughly we analyzed our bodies and am very curious to go over the results in the next week. There were issues I could feel but could never seem to find a way to communicate appropriately, that now have a diagnosis and a solution. We did bike tests, biodex tests, force plates test, etc. What was most interesting was that we had electrodes on our legs that gathered graph-able information indicating when, where and for how long each muscle fired during certain movements. Very cool!

At the end of the week Eve Routhier, Larisa Yurkiw and I joined some of Calgary’s best athletes for Henry Burris’All Star Weekend Benefit for Big Brothers and Big Sisters for Calgary. It was an incredible evening supporting a great cause!

I’m looking forward to this next week getting back in the gym. I am NOT looking forward to the pain the first week always brings to the body… or any stairs that I will have to do during that time, hah!


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