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Trials to Triumphs

What can I say…. I’ve had better days. The GS race in Kranjska Gora today is a write off. This is the third GS race in a row where I have fallen inside and out of the course. It’s frustrating for sure, and I may have let that frustration get the better of me today, but tomorrow is a new day, a new race, a different event. I’m looking forward to race SL tomorrow and get some confidence back in my racing! I believe I am skiing well, and that am capable of being fast in this challenging environment. At present I’ll have to digest this disappointment, move on, and focus on what I can accomplish in the near future.

Here is a singer a friend recently introduced to me that I’m really digging right now. This is just one song, you should check out his others as well.

Ben Howard- Keep Your Head Up


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