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I flew from Switzerland back to Canada with just enough time to launder, fold and return my clothes to my suitcase. I spent a little over 36 hours at home; 36 FILLED hours! I hung out with my parents (who introduced me to a juicer and now I am in LOVE) and caught up with some friends, lifted weights at the gym (because that’s what you do with your free time as an athlete, right?), restocked my supplement supply, cleaned EVERYTHING (I’m not kidding here- water bottles, clothes, equipment, even the insides of my bags), and killed a snuggle session with my pups (I have the best naps with them)! Then I jump on a plane bound for Denver and have been loving the typical Colorado sun and snow since! We have raced NorAms for the past 4 days, 2 GS’s and 2 SL’s. If you have read previous blog posts then you know that I have been struggling for the past little while, especially in Europe. I was having trouble finding not only my feet, but my brain as well. I wasn’t comfortable on my skis and was letting my thoughts get too narrow and uptight. Coming to Colorado gave me the change of pace and scenery that allowed me to relax a little, re-evaluate and focus on what I needed to do to change the direction of my momentum. The snow here is perfect to build yourself from the ground up with confidence!

The first day in GS was successful. I ended up 3rd! I didn’t do anything crazy or spectacular, but rather remained calm and focused on the keys gates of the course. For some reason I have been holding back a little on first runs, which drives me nuts once I’ve crossed the finish line and fuels a more aggressive second run. That’s exactly what happened in the second GS race… I ended up 17th because I made a costly mistake second run, but the skiing before and after revived and inspired my confidence in myself. Success and results are great, however nothing beats the feelings of making great turns! I’ll never forget any of the days that made me fall in love all over again!

I wanted to continue with the momentum I was building in GS. I knew I had a chance of being on the podium in the SL, but I was also aware that I would have my work cut out for me racing against talents like Resi Stiegler, Hailey Duke, Britt Phelan and Elli Terwiel. After first run, I knew I had an opportunity to stand on the top of a NorAm podium for the first time. I was SO nervous in the start gate of second run… I must have sounded like a bull because I had to keep stomping my legs and exhaling really deep to calm my body and remain focused on the task. My run wasn’t clean, but it was smart and aggressive. I managed to squeak into first with a 0.17 second lead! So stoked. That night I went over my performance and found key areas that I could improve for the following day. I skied well in the second SL race, improved my pushes out of the start and cleaned up my turns…. and straddle the second last gate! Uhhh so frustrating, but that’s racing sometimes. A big congrats to Elli Terwiel and Britt Phelan who came 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Today is a day off that I WON’T spend in the weight room (already did that last night, yesss!). Instead, I plan on hitting up the water slides at the rec centre in Silverthorne, after I find the nearest waffle house!

Next on the NorAm agenda is SPEED in Aspen. I’m looking forward to these races because they are going to be a little bit more of a challenge for me. I’ll have to bring my A Game.

Oh, and how about that Superbowl last night!? For a second I though Madonna was one of the players… let’s face it, she would definitely beat Manning in a Gun Show, and would probably have more success throwing a pig skin than Brady did last night!

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