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Summer 2014

What a fun summer! Or more like what a fun, non-season specific period of time after 2013-14 ski racing and 2014-15 ski training! I went heli-skiing at Mike Wiegele’s in Blue River, BC, stopped off at home in Toronto for a quick family visit and to pick up Mackenzie for a little sisterly adventure in Thailand, then landed in Calgary for training, biking, branding, camping (you name it!) to finally come back to Ontario’s amazing cottage country before heading to Zermatt, Switzerland for on-snow training. Woah, run-on sentence….

Cheers Cheers Mack


I’ve already mentioned heli-skiing (amazeballs) so I’ll start with Thailand! Bangkok. Bangkok, Bangkok, Bangkok. The buildings and infrastructure are impressive and incredibly beautiful however overwhelmingly chaotic. The detail involved in their religious or government buildings is quite astonishing and definitely something to be seen, but once I visited the typical tourist attractions, malls, Koh San Road, I was ready to peace out of the city! My favourite times were spent in the North of Thailand, places like Chang Mai and Pai. Both have a pretty relaxed vibe, AMAZING markets (rows and rows of colourful goods, enticing foods, art, fabrics, electronics, anything!) and the opportunity to branch out and explore the jungles and mountains! About an hour and a half motorbike ride outside of Pai is an enormous cave we got to explore almost entirely alone and via the light of our cell phones and/or headlamps. I felt like modern day Indiana Jones! I usually spend my time ON a mountain, but exploring IN a mountain was invigorating! After Pai, Mack and I headed south to Phuket and Koh Phi Phi for a beach-like vacation experience. I enjoyed my time here but preferred my experiences in the North.

Jungle Sleeping

Calgary was great. Our training focus changed a bit, shifted a little from power to more endurance work that challenged me. Also, I bought a mountain bike which totally up-ed the fun factor of my ‘Energy System Development’ sessions! In June I went to the Freeman’s family ranch for their annual branding, a uniquely Western lifestyle experience, and spent some time camping on Lake Koocanusa. After our physical testing rounded out, I spent a little time at the cottage on Georgian Bay in Ontario to get rooted again and catch up with some old friends! And did I mention the Beyonce and Jay-Z concert!? Well, that happened!


Yup, that was a pretty good summer!

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