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Stampede Lovin’!

The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth has officially kicked off! I’ve busted out my cowboy boots and hat and hit the Calgary Stampede’s opening weekend hard with my friends and family. I say family because my parents have ventured out west for the festivities… and, I’m hoping, to actually see their daughter after a couple of months! Mom and Dad, I am sooo stoked that you came to Calgary and am thrilled to share the life I’ve built over that past few months for myself here with you!

Thanks to Alex Parker and her family for this AH-MAZING time! We had incredible seats to watch the rodeo last Saturday. Great company, great event, and an awesome experience. Mad respect for those bull riders! Never in a million years…. I was even scared to ride the mechanical bull! If ever the opportunity comes up to watch a real rodeo, I suggest you take it. At least once, it’s a very entertaining event.

This is probably kind of weird, but I think one of the reasons I like horses, cows, bulls etc. so much is because you can see how powerful they are. Their muscles are very defined. I really like watching those animals move and seeing the way their muscles are working.

That’s most of the first weekend of Stampede. Last week we had fitness testing which gave some tangible reinforcement of the physical improvements we’re making in training. This week is our last training here in Calgary before we head back home for a short while. I’m very much looking forward to a little family time back in the East. Family time and Georgian Bay time! Next we are headed for New Zealand to get back to business on the slopes. I can’t wait to see how all the hard work here in Calgary pays off on the ski hill!

That’s it until there’s more. I wish I had more pictures of training, but I misplaced my camera charger which evidently effects my ability to take pictures.


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