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Spring Is In The Air

We are on the brink. Spring is licking her lips, waiting to take a big bite out of the northern hemisphere. She’s just waiting for the official nod from Mother Nature. This new season brings with her new weather and unique training conditions. The staff have done their best to make sure training is as good as it can be, but sometimes you have to train on some junk because you never know when you are going to race on junk. We’ve also teetered past the halfway mark of the competitive season and are pushing through the threshold into the final weeks of racing.

The past few days of training were a sort of timed trial for the GS spot in this weekend’s WC GS. I earned my keep and am now enroute to Ofterschwang, GER, for some good ol’ fashioned racing! Now to keep my cool and race like I train.

 “There’s no such thing as ugly weather days because everyday has its beauty” – Britt Phelan

 Here’s to beautiful days!


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