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Recap of 13/14 Ski Season

Wow! What a season! Before I get into the details I have to thank those people who helped make this season possible for me. First and foremost, thanks to Yconic for not only believing in me and supporting my goals and vision in Alpine Skiing but for being a source of confidence and motivation for me when my internal supply was running low. I’d also like to thank the many who attended and donated to our #RoadToSochi Fundraiser in support of Phil Brown, Morgan Megarry and myself at the end of last year. A big shout out to my family, especially my Mom and Dad. And finally, I want to thank my teammates for always being professional and driven for it encourages me and my strive for personal progress.


As I mentioned earlier, we threw a fundraiser in support of our #RoadToSochi. Unfortunately my road brought me back to Canadian soil instead of  To Russia, With Love. At the time this was a devastating blow that I allowed to take me somewhere that required a lot of effort to get out of. Now, with time between then and now, and hindsight, I can see that loss as my future’s gain. Missing out on the 2014 Winter Olympic Games gave me the ability to continue racing NorAm races, which opened up the opportunity to earn the NorAm Overall Title. Winning that Title secured my spot in every World Cup for the 2014/2015 competitive season! I had my heart set for Sochi but this consolation prize prize ain’t half bad either…

Earning myself a spot in every World Cup race for the 2014/2015 season

Now that the competitive season is over and I’ve had a little bit of time to relax and reflect I’m already excited for our pre-season training and commencing the 2014/2015 season’s prep period with clearer eyes, a fuller heart and a more focused mind. I know what helped and what hindered last season and am eager to fine tune good habits, eliminate bad ones, and explore ways to progress into the athlete and ski racer that I know I am and can become! I’d like to make a special shout out to one teammate, MP, for saying something to me earlier in the season that keeps ringing in my head and probably will be a good reminder for the rest of my life. During my time racing World Cups earlier in the season I was struggling, physically, mentally and emotionally. Usually I am a pretty positive and highly motivated person but I was letting things bring me down and my performance on snow was taking most of the hit. One particular race I was 6 seconds out in one run, and second last on the run… I think the girl behind me hiked, so it was sort of terrible to say the least. I was crushed. And we were racing the very next day on the same hill. In my hotel room that night I was thinking how I didn’t want to do this next event because I was struggling so much with my skiing and didn’t want to feel that embarrassment again. MP straightened me out right away, totally turned my view right-side-up because up to this point I was definitely looking at things up-side-down. She made me realize that this upcoming race was an OPPORTUNITY! An opportunity to work on things that didn’t go so well the first time, to improve my approach mentally physically and tactically, and that it was an opportunity for redemption! The next race was still a little sloppy in execution, but the approach was improved and so was the result.

I’ve never taken a year off from skiing before last season, so the 2013/2014 competitive season was my first (and last) experience with a ‘comeback’. And what an experience it was! I had a blast skiing with old and new friends…. Especially my friend Courage, we sort of lost touch for a while. Thankfully she showed up w some other pals like Heart and Grit for some of those nerve-racking moments, like standing in new start gates!

All in all this past year has added some new tools to my toolbox and a few more tricks up my sleeve. Not all lessons were learned while racing though, a lot were taught to me by some of the young guns coming into the sport at Craigleith Ski Club. Skiing with some U10, U12 and U14 athletes reacquainted me with the bare bones that make up ski racing, and how simply fun, inspiring, active and beautiful this sport is!

Cheers to one season’s end and another season’s beginning. However, the 2014/2015 season and it’s prep period are going to have to wait a few more weeks while I exlpore Mike Wiegele’s for a few days of heli skiing followed by Thailand with my sister, Mackenzie, to find some crazy adventures and make extraordinary memories before biting down on the bit and jumping back into training! I’ll update you all on those adventures soon 🙂

Until next time!


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