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Racing in Aspen

Today was my first GS World Cup, and in ASPEN no less! I started bib 54. The day was tough, the nerves plenty, and the desire in full blaze. I had a sketchy warm-up, but a good inspection and race plan… unfortunately I completely forgot the plan once I pushed out of the start gate because I was so eager to just GO and SKI! Going like a bat out of hell doesn’t work for me, I need to think more at this point in my skiing, need to focus on the process of good skiing to get a fast result.

Here’s a little story for your enjoyment… I was in line for the first run in the GS race today. Nicole Gius, bib 53, just left the gate so the clock was counting down a minute until it was my turn. The clock ticks down to 30 seconds and I start to panic a little because the start wand (the barrier that starts the timer when you pass through it) was still open. 15 seconds. The wand is still open so I reach down to close it myself while I ask, “Am I supposed to close this?” Jenny, our physio and person who helps us get ready at the start, was all, “NO MADDY!” Apparently there is a person who closes the wand for you, and holds it there until you put your poles over so you don’t trip it prematurely. Rookie mistake! So, anyone new to World Cup…. don’t touch the wand. Apparently that’s not part of the athlete’s job, but someone else’s instead, HAH! Just another lesson learned.

I hope to get more World Cup opportunities this season; I’ll have to keep my cool and ski well to be fast and that opportunity will come. Good luck to the SL girls racing tomorrow!

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