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Pre Season Saas Fee

Moments after stepping off of the plane, I know I am in Switzerland! Even if I had forgotten where I was going, which sometimes happens after having to succumb to frequent, melatonin-induce comas during travel days, the intermittent twang of a cow’s moo, the ring of their bells and the soft yet distinctive sound of yodeling that make up the ambient environment exclusive to the Zurich International Airport remind me. In only a few more hours I will be unpacking in the town of Saas Fee!

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The purpose of this specific training camp is to finalize testing different variations in equipment, fine tune technical changes and get comfortable in 6th gear; race mode! The weather and training conditions here have been varied to say the least. Some days it’s nice, a little overcast but the sun illuminates everything enough so that you can see, and other days it is foggy, with flat light that makes it impossible to have any sort of depth perception or distinguish where you truly are in space.  Seems conceivably unproductive but there is a lot of potential in those latter conditions. Physically, you have to learn how to feel the snow beneath your feet and the way your movements make the skis respond. However, mentally is where most of the magic happens! Mentally, you have to learn to trust. Sometimes you cannot accurately see where you are going, but you have to trust your preparation, have faith in the process and expect success! Whether or not I actually see where I am going is not that big of an issue, for I am a part of the process that is carrying out a thoughtful and trusted plan.

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Unfortunately last year I was unable to race due to an injury sustained in a crush during pre-season. This year is my comeback year! Not only is it my comeback year, but it is also an Olympic year; in February 2014 Sochi, Russia, will be hosting the 22nd Winter Olympic Games! I have a steep road ahead to qualify for these Games given my circumstances, but this challenge I am prepared to face and am excited for the opportunity to make it happen. One step at a time 🙂

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My next update will be from Colorado… Where I am will be competing in the first race in 22 months! This marks my official return to ski racing and I am so, so excited!

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