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On to the Next One

If you can believe it, because I hardly can myself, I bailed on the 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede. Yes, yes I did. But I went to my parent’s place on the lake which was a welcome change of weather and pace compared to Calgary during the past couple of months. It was nice to finally see some sun, some new and old friends and some family 🙂 It was good to see Laura, who I haven’t seen in many months, Kelby, who I usually see all the time but haven’t for a while, and my Arctic Man partner, Dani, who ventured down all the way from Alaska!

Now I am in Switzerland finally making some turns on the new GS ski and breaking in my equipment for the upcoming season. Even though we had blue bird skies, we weren’t able to ski for the first couple of days because of a broken tram and high winds. Instead we worked out and played games. We’ve been introduced to a Germany company called P.Jentschura who has provided us with information, techniques and materials to help rid our bodies of toxins in order to be able to perform at our best. Here Eve and I are testing out a bath salt soak to draw out impurities.

Today was my birthday and the best present I could have received was to finally be able to break in my new equipment! I will no longer be skiing with Rossignol. I have nothing but sincere gratitude for a company that has supported and enabled me to get this far in my ski racing career yet am very excited about the opportunity to take things even farther with Head. So far, one day in, the transition has felt naturally smooth and I am stoked to get the engine fired up again, just with new wheels 🙂

Happy Skiing my friends!

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