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Here goes my first ever post. I figure one day I’ll be old and when that happens my life stories will suddenly be interesting and people (hopefully) will want to hear them. That is why I created this blog to record events in my life that are interesting or memorable and worth sharing. I hope you enjoy!

I have just arrived in Revelstoke, BC, for some free skiing fun! I borrowed a pair of big, fat skis from Nenad, the Rossignol rep in British Columbia, and am getting pretty excited to rip a few runs tomorrow on the big western mountains.

I am in the middle of a road trip with my teammate, Madison McLeish, from Whistler where Noram Finals were hosted, to Nakiska where Canadian Nationals will be held. We stopped in Revelstoke for the fun of it, we both just kind of thought, “Why not!?”.

Noram Finals were really fun. The weather was a little bit interesting for racing, lots and lots of soft snow, but the race organizers and volunteers did a fantastic job making sure the races were run as safely and smoothly as possible. I arrived in Whistler a couple of days before the races started so that I could do some tree and powder skiing, two things that are very rare in Collingwood! I ripped 5 or 6 runs with Chris Frank, US Ski Team, Steph Irwin, Alberta Ski Team, and Tess Davies, Alberta Ski Team. It was my first time on skis that were not race skis and, honestly, I was a little nervous. These boards looked HUGE to me! They were so wide and 185cm long, I was almost positive I wasn’t going to be able to handle them in the deep, heavy snow. Turns out they are way easier (and a whole lot more fun) to ski on in those conditions than race skis! Who would have known…? You basically float over the bumps. I figured out, after a few turns, that less is more. I sat back, dragged my knuckles and settled in to enjoy the ride. It was a great day, one for the books.

The races in Whistler were very successful for me. I like the direction my skiing is going and I am getting pretty pumped for the upcoming competition in Nakiska, Alberta. I’ll be sure to make and update when other fun stuff takes place!

Also, I’ll be sure to post pictures (the interesting stuff) as soon as I figure out how. I know I was born in the computer generation but I feel about as competent on this thing as a dog would on its hind legs…. unless your this dog……http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRaPVTetseI

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