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First thing is first… I am sorry. I have been completely neglectful with updating my website. Quite honestly, I started to feel a little overwhelmed with some of the twists and turns of life, finding things a challenge to comprehend or digest and therefore impossible to write about. It seems to have taken me a little bit of time to unscramble my thoughts and opinions, my reflections and interpretations. But I am back, as sane as I’ll ever be, and ready to share some of my experiences with you.

My final Europe trip ended the same way my season, as a whole, seemed to play out; a little chaotic. I had great training, skiing well and feeling confident, but walked away from race day with my throat a little tighter, my heart a little heavier. I’m stoked to see that my ability is there and pretty excited to recognize where my weaknesses lie because now I know. I KNOW. So I KNOW where my efforts need to be focused moving forward and the areas that need more adjustments than others. I have a plan to make myself better, a path to follow, milestones to hit, goals to reach, races to WIN! And I KNOW I have the HEART to do it.

Another thing I know is that both the free style and alpine world of skiing had their hearts broken during a ski cross race in Switzerland on March 10th, 2012. Many different communities where shaken by the loss of Nik Zoricic. He had a reach far beyond his comprehension, inspiring athletes young and old, beginners and professionals, on and off the slopes. With experience comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes influence. Nik’s experience was consequential, his knowledge rich and his influence boundless. All my love.

Europe had some great moments, as well! My teammates Erin Mielzynski and Marie-Michelle Gagnon won gold and bronze, respectively, claiming Canada’s first World Cup female technical podiums in quite some time. Way to go, ladies! Then we were onwards to…

Quebec! Quebec was good for 2 things. Beautiful sunrise pictures (we were up by 5 am almost every morning) and tanning opportunities! We had a taste of summer with well over 20 degree temperatures and SUN SUN SUN. Most of the races got cancelled or rescheduled due to snow conditions, but we found ways to have fun. I had the privilege of going to the Prefontaine’s sugar shack in Quebec! I had maple syrup crepes, maple syrup drinks, maple syrup snacks, maple syrup on a stick. I had maple syrup. Yum!

 We got some pretty decent races off in Quebec thanks to early mornings, volunteers and sheer determination. What a way to wind down the season.

Back to Toronto I went, for the first time in a long time. But I never seem to stay long! After a brief stint at home, I hopped, skipped and jumped on up to the Hoodoo Mountains in Alaska for a little Arctic Man action. I met an incredible group of people and had some unbeatable/ unforgettable/ awe-inspiring adventures! Thanks SO MUCH to the Alaska Spine Institute, the Levine family, Dani, and the entire team for an incredible time. I only hope I wasn’t too crazy and that you’ll have me back 🙂 The race is literally in the middle of nowhere, you need a snow machine to come watch. Then I went to Whistler and had some fun in the rare sun. Saw some friends. Made a few turns. Now I am back at home in my own bed. Mmmmm… so nice! Oh, and I get to see my twin brother!

Until next time…

Let spring paint the earth with colour and carry with her life anew!


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