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We’re into our second week of training and it never seems to get any easier! The fitter you get, the harder the workouts become. That’s the way it should be and that’s why I love it, I guess. Always barriers to push through, gains to be made, new challenges to face. It feels good to push yourself, to really use your body to its potential. Thank goodness I have BioSteel to carry me through one workout and into another!

Velodrome workouts are a great time to work on your mental toughness. You have to deal with external factors like weather and other riders as well we a really tough workout. I am constantly reminding myself during these sprints that it is only pain, and that this pain is only temporary. The longer I go, the less time I have left to push through… Grit your teeth and keep moving!

I’ve talked about training but haven’t mentioned something of equal importance. Recovery! Cold tubs make you feel incredible afterwards! I find myself chilling in there at least twice a week. After lifts in the gym where you are so fatigued you can only crawl from one exercise to the next, boxing sessions, long rides, bike sprints, field workouts etc., this time spent sitting, ALONE, doing nothing but trying to relax is a very welcome luxury!

That last week was pretty tough. I’m glad to have had this weekend to recover a little… mind you, it is Sunday and I am still sore! Hopefully Monday brings a new and improved ME so I can crush next week’s challenges.

I’m having a blast working hard here in Calgary so far. We’re still waiting for summer’s kiss, however. I’m not entirely stoked on the near zero temperatures… neither is my tan, or lack thereof!

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun

Please Shine Down On Me

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