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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving… the REAL Thanksgiving! I should be celebrating this statutory holiday in Switzerland but I ended up cutting that camp a little short. Remember that fall I mentioned I took in Cardrona, NZ? Well, I’m still dealing with some lingering issues, and after a few days of not skiing in Europe I decided my time was best spent in Calgary. So here I am hanging out with my pals, the physios, at the Bob Niven Training Centre. Before coming back ‘home’ I had 5 or 6 great days on snow. I went to meet up with the Speed Team and try my skills out on the track at Zermatt. I’ve had limited speed training to say the least. I had no idea the effort put forth to conduct a day of full speed training safely. We joined forces with the Swedish, Norwegian and Austrian teams, and a handful of others, on a well over 1 minute track. It had a gliding section, rolls, pitches, a jump and very high speeds. Hands down the BEST speed training I have had! Having a chance to meet and train with some of the best World Cup speed skiers was really fun. One of the biggest differences I’ve notice between the speed and technical events is that speed is not as hard on your body but requires a lot more from your brain! Focus is key if you are to be safe and successful at high speeds.

One of the more challenging aspects of training at Zermatt, besides the altitude, is the commute to the top of the mountain. You have to take one gondola, two trams, and two T-bars (sometimes a snow-machine) to get to the top of the speed track. We are easily carrying 40 kg of equipment for what can end up being close to 2 hours before we get to ski. It’s tough! Wouldn’t be able to do it without the help of our incredible technicians though!

As it can sometimes be an issue in the mountains, weather commonly dictates the type of training we are going to do. Some days you plan on another full, fantastic day of skiing when Gale decides she’s going to shut down the ski lifts for the day. That’s when you MacGyver a gym and crush a day of a different type of training.

After Zermatt, we all went to Saas Fee to meet up with the Tech girls for some smaller turns.

As I mentioned earlier, I am in Calgary re-tuning my body. I’m taking good care now so that I may have the opportunity to be my best later 🙂

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