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We’ve been in Calgary for 3 weeks now. The training is tough, but it’s a lot of fun. I am glad to have the opportunity to train with my teammates too; we end up pushing each other pretty hard! And when you train this hard, you obviously work up an appetite. Is there anything more beautiful than a freshly and completely stocked fridge!

We’re not just working out in the gym. Our program includes really cool opportunities to cross train doing things like gymnastics, velodrome cycling and other activities of our choosing (as long as it meets heart rate requirements, etc.). Early last week, Eve and I drove up to Canmore to join Sarah Freeman, Prospect Ski Team, for my first ever mountain bike experience. I rented a bike from one of the facilities in town and followed Sarah and Eve up the mountain side through the trees. The first lap we did was difficult to say the least. I had to learn where to position my mass while biking up, and then where to shift when the trail starts to decline. I learned, the hard way sometimes, that you usually go where your eyes are looking. Therefore, Maddy sees a tree, Maddy hits a tree. Maddy gets distracted by object off of the trail, Maddy steers bike off of the trail! I was off my bike the first lap, either by dismounting or by falling, at least 12 times! The second lap was way better than the first, however. I had an idea what was coming so I was more prepared, and had a better feel for the bike and how to maneuver it. By no means am I any good at this new sport, but I’d definitely like more opportunities to get better! It’s so much fun, especially going downhill! We rode for nearly 2.5 hours… my bum was so sore!

I mentioned my newly found obsession for rollerblading. I went for a nice little blade along the pathway that runs down river. I was, yet again, decked out in my helmet, knee pads and wrist guards! Classic.

It has been raining, quite heavily, in Calgary for the past 10 days or so. As a response, the river runs angry! She spills over her banks and was spewing over the concrete path. Now this put me in a pickle. I had already shimmied my way across a bridge wall and a rock barrier, but this particular predicament didn’t present itself with an obvious solution with a steep bush-covered hill on one side and the raging river on the other. I ended up bush-whacking my way through the foliage to get around the water. I was literally hanging onto trees as I slipped and clawed my way through the mud with my blades still on! Don’t worry, people saw me… this didn’t go unnoticed. Awesome. Not much after this I decided to stick to sidewalks, the easier approach. Less so for my ego, however. Since it wasn’t raining people had mowed their lawns and the loose grass was scattered along the pavement. I didn’t realize how slippery that is, bladed right through it and had my feet completely swept out from under me… I got up to see all the cars stopped at the red light, their passengers laughing at me. Yup!

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