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Bulla! On the way home from New Zealand Madi McLeish, Sarah Freeman, Anna Goodman, Marie-Pierre Prefontaine and I had a 5 day ‘layover’ in FIJI! It was an incredible way to wind down after all the efforts put forth on the slopes during the weeks before. We spent one night on the main Island, Nadi, before venturing out to Octopus Resort on Waya Island, part of the Yasawa Islands. As the sun was setting, we decided to take pictures playing with shapes and shadows (check them out under Media). We stayed at a hostel for the first night spent in Nadi. Our timing couldn’t have been better for the night we arrived the hostel was hosting a traditional Fijian fire dance! The next morning we boarded an ‘Awesome Adventures’ high-speed catamaran and hit the open waters for the Yasawa Islands. Once we made it to Octopus Resort, we were greeted with a traditional Fijian ceremony with songs and drink.

One of the nights was ‘Crab Racing Night’! We each bought a crab from a randomly gathered pile. All of the proceeds went to the children of the villages on the island. The race course was drawn, smaller circles within larger circles, where the crab winners were determined in heats. The winning crabs had to reach a certain circle, each heat having to reach a larger one than the last.

At 6:30 in the following morning we went open-water fishing. Technically it was called Deep Sea Fishing, but compared to the Canadian East Coast deep sea fishing, I have chosen to call the Fijian equivalent by a different name.

Madi McLeish, Sarah Freeman and I went on an adventure to find manta rays and snorkel with them. Along the way, we pulled off on an abandoned island called Mafia Island for a picnic. The story of the island says that people involved with an American mafia family had purchased the island and began to build a resort. Just as the building process was beginning to take place, the Fijian government realized that the intent was not for a resort but for a casino on the island, which is not legal. Needless to say, the project was finally abandoned, but not before the foundations of many buildings had already been laid. It looked kind of creepy. Here we plucked fresh papayas and cocnuts from the trees. I don’t usually like papayas, but when they are THAT fresh, they are delicious. I guess that’s the case with most things!

On our last morning we went on a hike to the top of the highest peak. The hike and the views were amazing, but I am scared of heights and the top peak was really steep, and high! Alas, it’s sayonara Fiji and HELLO Calgary. Great break, but back to the real world… Fitness testing and training! I’ll be home in less than 2 weeks, yay!

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