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We’ve been in Calgary for 3 weeks now. The training is tough, but it’s a lot of fun. I am glad to have the opportunity to train with my teammates too; we end up pushing each other pretty hard! And when you train this hard, you obviously work up an appetite. Is there anything more
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The Next Chapter

In the past few months, every time I have looked at the clock and seen 11:11, or every railroad crossing I passed in the car with my feet raised, every opportunity I came upon to make a wish, I had wished for the same thing. It’s not that I truly felt this sort of thing
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Numero Uno

Here goes my first ever post. I figure one day I’ll be old and when that happens my life stories will suddenly be interesting and people (hopefully) will want to hear them. That is why I created this blog to record events in my life that are interesting or memorable and worth sharing. I hope
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