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Work It Out

One week into our summer training in Calgary and the Women’s Alpine Ski Team has completed all fitness tests and physical and medical assessments. If we didn’t have a clue what was going on with our bodies beforehand, we basically have a GPS now. I was impressed with how thoroughly we analyzed our bodies and
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Life Anew

First thing is first… I am sorry. I have been completely neglectful with updating my website. Quite honestly, I started to feel a little overwhelmed with some of the twists and turns of life, finding things a challenge to comprehend or digest and therefore impossible to write about. It seems to have taken me a
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Spring Is In The Air

We are on the brink. Spring is licking her lips, waiting to take a big bite out of the northern hemisphere. She’s just waiting for the official nod from Mother Nature. This new season brings with her new weather and unique training conditions. The staff have done their best to make sure training is as
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The Sunny Side

I flew from Switzerland back to Canada with just enough time to launder, fold and return my clothes to my suitcase. I spent a little over 36 hours at home; 36 FILLED hours! I hung out with my parents (who introduced me to a juicer and now I am in LOVE) and caught up with
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Trials to Triumphs

What can I say…. I’ve had better days. The GS race in Kranjska Gora today is a write off. This is the third GS race in a row where I have fallen inside and out of the course. It’s frustrating for sure, and I may have let that frustration get the better of me today,
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A Lot To Digest

The end of the race series in Panorama was the end of a 6-week bout on the road. Needless to say, the energy was dwindling almost as quickly as the cleanliness of my clothing. Think living out of a suitcase, traveling between provinces and states, planes and cars with a bathroom sink and a bar
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Racing in Aspen

Today was my first GS World Cup, and in ASPEN no less! I started bib 54. The day was tough, the nerves plenty, and the desire in full blaze. I had a sketchy warm-up, but a good inspection and race plan… unfortunately I completely forgot the plan once I pushed out of the start gate
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A Girl’s Best Friend…

Between Calgary training and jet setting off to New Zealand, I spent four PERFECT days at the cottage with some of my family and closest friends! It couldn’t have been sweeter; gorgeous weather, refreshing water, warm rocks, great food, and irreplaceable company. I love skiing, I love mountains and I love winter, but this place
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Bulla! On the way home from New Zealand Madi McLeish, Sarah Freeman, Anna Goodman, Marie-Pierre Prefontaine and I had a 5 day ‘layover’ in FIJI! It was an incredible way to wind down after all the efforts put forth on the slopes during the weeks before. We spent one night on the main Island, Nadi,
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Stampede Lovin’!

The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth has officially kicked off! I’ve busted out my cowboy boots and hat and hit the Calgary Stampede’s opening weekend hard with my friends and family. I say family because my parents have ventured out west for the festivities… and, I’m hoping, to actually see their daughter after a couple
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