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GenY Psyche

I recently read a blog post written by Molly Sprayregen titled The Brain On 23 and found myself ‘squirming’ at how accurately she dictated this specific psyche. After a few moments’ thought however, I realized that I no longer believed Ms. Sprayregen’s description of insecurities and desperation, of lost hearts and minds wobbling like fresh
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Zermatt 2014

I’m recently home from my first on snow camp of the 2014-2015 season that took place in Zermatt, Switzerland. Unfortunately we had quite a few days with poor conditions that kept us from getting onto the ski hills but weather and uncontrollable variables aside, the training was great. I came into this camp feeling fit,
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Summer 2014

What a fun summer! Or more like what a fun, non-season specific period of time after 2013-14 ski racing and 2014-15 ski training! I went heli-skiing at Mike Wiegele’s in Blue River, BC, stopped off at home in Toronto for a quick family visit and to pick up Mackenzie for a little sisterly adventure in
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What’s Next?

Last ski season presented an extra challenge for me in the sense that I had to seriously fake it to make it. I knew I had a small window in which I needed to perform and I had to force my body into doing things it wasn’t ready to do. But I had to try.
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Mike Wiegele’s Heli Skiing

Umm….. Is this real life!? We basically sauntered into a dreamland when Jenny Delich, Erik Read and I first pulled onto the Mike Wiegele’s Heli Ski premises. It’s the tail end of the season here, nearing mid April, and we are catching the last three days of heli skiing. The weather is changing so it’s
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Recap of 13/14 Ski Season

Wow! What a season! Before I get into the details I have to thank those people who helped make this season possible for me. First and foremost, thanks to Yconic for not only believing in me and supporting my goals and vision in Alpine Skiing but for being a source of confidence and motivation for
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2nd Annual Fundraiser

Please join me, Phil Brown and Morgan Megarry, members of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team and 2014 Olympic Hopefuls, for a fun night in support of our Road to Sochi, and the NZ Foundation. For more information please email me at madisonirwin@hotmail.com.

Pre Season Saas Fee

Moments after stepping off of the plane, I know I am in Switzerland! Even if I had forgotten where I was going, which sometimes happens after having to succumb to frequent, melatonin-induce comas during travel days, the intermittent twang of a cow’s moo, the ring of their bells and the soft yet distinctive sound of
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Here We Go!

It’s been a while but it’s been a blast! Although my schedule over the past 10 or 12 months hasn’t been traditionally busy in the way that it has in the past (with a long list of assorted activities), I’ve been occupied by easing up on the quantity of things to do and focusing on
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Hi!   As you know I am training to qualify to represent Canada in Sochi next February 2014. CAN Fund is a non profit that raises money for athletes across Canada and with less than 400 days to the Opening Ceremonies they have created a fundraising page exclusively for our sport. So my teammates and I are inviting you and your
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