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A Penny for Some Thoughts

I guess I left off at the end of our training camp in Zermatt, Switzerland. All in all, I was very happy with that camp for it gave me an opportunity to fiddle with and adjust to my new skis and boots. It also provided a fairly chill environment for me to focus on skiing; pure and simple without the stress of needing to go fast. After a little time at home, soaking in summer and living the cottage life, I made a short stop in Calgary to partake in some fitness testing before steering this ship south.

New Zealand has given us some interesting weather, evidently providing interesting snow conditions that has made for some challenging yet high quality training. I am learning a ton here, so much so that it even makes me question how I managed to do some of the things that I have done in the past without with new found knowledge! But I guess that’s just how it is, we figure out how to make life work until we learn new ways of making it more effective and efficient. I like this grove that I’ve found myself in lately. Life’s pretty darn good!

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