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The end of the race series in Panorama was the end of a 6-week bout on the road. Needless to say, the energy was dwindling almost as quickly as the cleanliness of my clothing. Think living out of a suitcase, traveling between provinces and states, planes and cars with a bathroom sink and a bar of soap for laundry facilities. Actually, DON’T think about that because it is kind of gross and may alter your probably already teetering opinion of me in a less than favourable way! Moving on. I was less than satisfied with my final performances and was forced to stomach a little disappointment. I boarded my final plane for this trip, destination YYZ, and was glad to lastly come home, machine wash my garments, and collapse into a miniature coma in my own bed. I was home for 5 days. Short but, oh, so sweet! Since I was leaving again before Christmas, my family planned to celebrate it with me a little early. I am so grateful they did this for I didn’t have to miss out on all the incredible food and family time with my siblings, parents, grandparents and cousins (on my Mom’s side at least).

But back to the grindstone it was for me! We trained in Hinterreit near Saalfeldon, Austria. I really tried to zero in my focus and make some serious, and necessary, adjustments to my skiing. I skied double sessions, SL and GS, both days, heavily focusing on free ski/ drill runs as well as courses and gates. On top of that, I was working hard to keep my fitness up to par with lifts, bikes, physiotherapy and training sessions. I watched video, reviewed my progress in my journal and discussed all the day’s happenings with my coaches. I fell a lot, broke some equipment and was, at the end of the day… STILL SLOW!!?? Oh boy. I think the hardest part about this sport is keeping your head high and your attitude positive when you are working as hard as you are and the results just aren’t coming around as fast as you had hoped. But there lies what most people can over look. The results may not appear like Colour-By-Numbers, where the more you paint the more complete the image becomes, but they ARE coming. Just in there own way, on their own time.

I raced the Lienz GS and SL World Cups these past couple of days. I got my ass kicked. I am not discouraged in the slightest, however, because I was a sponge absorbing the information my immediate environment made available to me. I watched, no I ANALYSED, the world-class athletes around me, their technique, their preparation, and discovered new information to enhance my understanding of this crazy sport. I had my eyes opened wide… more accurately, I had my eyelids removed by the evidence in front of me! I am forever learning, forever striving to make myself better, forever pushing myself to identify my flaws and ascertain solutions to become the best contender I can be in alpine racing. I don’t want to just be a good skier; I want to be a great competitor! For now I have to keep the attitude positive, the focus precise, the effort strong and the patience in check. I know this is going to pay off; it’s just a matter of when.

I am looking forward to another couple of days of training at Hinterreit. At least I hope we train, but the weather forecast predicts heavy rain which could put a damper on those plans. Fingers crossed!

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